The Joy of Eating Better ‒ always less expensive

Permanent price drop on thousands of products at all IGA and IGA extra stores: The Joy of Eating Better ‒ always less expensive

Starting today, Sobeys will be introducing a permanent price drop on thousands of products in all its IGA and IGA extra stores throughout Quebec.

Montreal, April 5, 2016 – Starting today, Sobeys will be introducing a permanent price drop on thousands of products in all its IGA and IGA extra stores throughout Quebec. Consumers will notice this price drop that will expand in the upcoming days to include thousands of other grocery products. This business decision stems from a simple realization: Sobeys Québec and its IGA grocers want to make their Joy of Eating Better movement, launched two years ago, even more accessible to everyone, all the time, with brands that consumers know and love.

The company, in collaboration with its suppliers and independent grocers, decided to permanently drop the price of over 8,500 grocery products, representing an average savings of 5 to 7% for consumers. All this, while maintaining what makes the banner strong ‒ the quality and variety of its products and services.

“We chose to empower consumers to eat better ‒ the brands they love, whenever they want, without having to wait for flyer discounts or any type of loyalty program. And that's exactly what we gave them. Enabling Quebecers to discover the joy of eating better means making everyday basic products less expensive and thus, more accessible," explains Yves Laverdière, President of Sobeys Québec.

A complete review of business processes

The permanent price drop is a major commitment to consumers on behalf of a network of grocers. It requires significant changes in the way the company does things, including:

  • the reinvestment of funds allocated for promotions like the weekly free item that consumers no longer view as adding value 
  • the simplification of business processes with suppliers and important negotiations resulting in price drops that are transferred directly to customers

Furthermore, consumers will continue to benefit from discounts in the flyer and the Buy More Save More and AIR MILES® programs, particularly on fresh products.

New reduced prices ‒ the same unrivalled service

"The permanent price drop is an ambitious project," states Mr. Laverdière proudly. "We chose to change nothing of IGA's DNA, and maintain that which makes us unique ‒ the quality and variety of the products and services we offer. The only change consumers will notice is on prices for thousands of products they know and love," adds Laverdière.

Making The Joy of Eating Better more accessible

Sobeys Québec's main objective is to make The Joy of Eating Better, now celebrating its second year, a bigger reality for consumers. Perceptions can be powerful and eating better is viewed by consumers as complicated and expensive. This new initiative aims to change that.

Consumers will be able to identify which products have had their prices dropped thanks to shelf labels that show the prices before and after the permanent price drop. They may notice, for example, that Compliments Apple Snack Cups, Leclerc Vital Cookies, and Cracker Barrell Cheese have had their prices reduced by 26%, 21%, and 19%, respectively.

This new permanent price drop initiative will also be rolled out in all Rachelle-Béry and Les Marchés Tradition banner stores.

About IGA
IGA is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and its presence in Quebec dates to 1953. In May 2014, IGA grocers launched The Joy of Eating Better initiative that aims to help Quebecers cook differently and more often, discover local and international flavours, eat healthier, and make responsible choices. In April 2016, they decided to make this movement even more accessible to everyone, all the time, thanks to a permanent price drop on thousands of grocery products. The IGA banner includes over 300 IGA, IGA extra, IGA express, and IGA mini stores. IGA is the only group of food retailers to offer consumers the opportunity to accumulate AIR MILES® reward miles.

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