IGA exclusive: 5 new artisanal sausages from Les Charcutiers Pork Shop @IGAQC introduces the future of Quebec sausage making

Montréal, le 8 octobre 2015 – Amateurs de charcuterie, réjouissez-vous! Les saucissons secs artisanaux de la jeune entreprise montréalaise Les Charcutiers Pork Shop (@Charcutiers_PS) sont maintenant offerts dans tous les magasins IGA et IGA extra. Entrepreneurs passionnés de bouffe et charcutiers autodidactes, Tommy Gosselin et Frédéric Daoust ont signé une entente exclusive avec le détaillant en alimentation et font ainsi leur entrée officielle en épicerie partout au Québec. Une percée importante pour les deux acolytes et un plaisir gustatif garanti pour tous les épicuriens.

Montreal, October 8, 2015 – Sausage aficionados rejoice! Artisanal dry sausage from Montreal start-up company Les Charcutiers Pork Shop (@Charcutiers_PS) is now available at all IGA and IGA extra stores. Self-taught food and deli meat entrepreneurs Tommy Gosselin and Frédéric Daoust have signed an exclusive agreement with the food retailer signalling their official entry into grocery stores throughout the province. This is an important breakthrough for the two associates and a guaranteed gastronomic pleasure for Quebec epicureans.

When two companies passionate about food meet... and fall in love

"Their products practically seduced us!" declares Yvan Ouellet, vice president of purchasing and merchandising, perishables at Sobeys Québec. "The boys from Pork Shop make a delicious, artisanal sausage with Quebec pork and other top quality ingredients. We are proud to be introducing sausages of this quality to our customers while helping two talented, young men make their jump into the retail marketplace," he adds.

According to Tommy Gosselin and Frédéric Daoust, founders of Les Charcutiers Pork Shop, "we couldn't be happier! This partnership with IGA is the best of both worlds. We can maintain our products, our recipes, our image, and our tastes, all while growing our business," they claim.

Pork Shop sausages: stories to devour

Here are a few details about Pork Shop sausages:

  • five flavours 
  • made with Quebec pork using traditional artisanal methods 
  • two individually vacuum-packed sausages per package
  • top quality ingredients with surprising flavours
  • 130 g package 
  • price: $7.99
  • gluten free

Five evocatively-named flavours are available, including Saverio, with red wine and the Italian gardner's secrets; Jack, with wild forest mushrooms and a five pepper blend; Leeroy, with whiskey and Hickman County BBQ sauce; Pepe, full of fire and spice from the Mexican back country; and Lawrence, offering an unorthodox twist to classic Montreal steak spice. "Our products always start with a story,” explains Frédéric Daoust. Saverio, for example, is inspired by the story of my grandfather, an Italian immigrant who made sausages in Lachute. He’s the one who taught us the basics of sausage making.”

The pleasure of discovery

This new partnership with the young Quebec entrepreneurs fits in perfectly with The Joy of Eating Better movement, a major directional shift taken by the company in May 2014 that is manifested through four pillars: making responsible choices, eating healthier, discovering new local and international flavours, and cooking differently and more often, while never compromising on enjoyment.

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