Just $4 for 1 magazine containing 100 back-to-school lunch tips to teach 1,000 young people about cooking The Moi je fais mon lunch campaign to benefit La Tablée des Chefs. #moijefaismonlunch #tableedeschefs

Longueuil, July 27, 2015 – From August 13 to September 9, Quebecers will receive a copy of Moi, je fais mon lunch magazine when they make a $4 donation at the checkout of their local IGA. Presented by IGA in collaboration with Aliments du Québec, toujours le bon choix!, this fundraising campaign helps support La Tablée des Chefs’ mission to help feed people in need and develop culinary education for young people in Quebec.

Money raised from the Moi, je fais mon lunch campaign will allow over 1,000 young people to benefit from culinary training provided by La Tablée des Chefs. Les Brigades Culinaires will be offered as an after-school program in 60 secondary schools starting in September, so teens can take part in 24 practical and theoretical workshops along with several challenges that lead to the Iron Chef grand finale at the end of the year. Over the upcoming school year, they will hone their culinary skills and food knowledge so they can develop food self-sufficiency.

$4 well invested

Spokesperson for La Tablée des Chefs, Ricardo Larrivée, along with collaborators Stefano Faita, Josée Di Stasio, Christian Bégin, Geneviève O’Gleman, and Alexandra Diaz have created delicious lunch recipes especially for the campaign magazine. In this guide, Quebecers will discover over 20 simple and delicious recipes along with an array of files, tips, and advice like the benefits of legumes, salad meal variations, lunches inspired by street food, and several original ideas for giving a second life to last night's leftovers.

La Tablée des Chefs and IGA invite all their customers to add a special ingredient to their next grocery list – support for the development of culinary education for the youth in their communities!

La Tablée des Chefs | www.tableedeschefs.org
Les Brigades Culinaires | www.tableedeschefs.org/fr/formation-culinaire/brigades-culinaires
IGA: www.iga.net/monlunch2015
Aliments du Québec: www.alimentsduquebec.com

Sources: Annie Corriveau – Communications and events coordinator, La Tablée des Chefs, 450-748-1638 ext. 303 | Cell: 514-589-9166 | annie.corriveau@tableedeschefs.org