Stefano Faita launches his own line of Italian sauces exclusively at IGA

Stefano Faita launches his own line of Italian sauces exclusively at IGA

Montreal, August 31, 2017 – Sobeys and Stefano Faita have joined forces to offer the first ready-to-eat products the renowned Italian-Montreal restaurant owner has ever put on the market: Stefano Sauces. The sauces will hit the shelves at the end of August at IGA, IGA extra, Les Marchés Tradition, and Marché Bonichoix stores.

Stefano Faita’s sauces at a glance:

  • A first for the restaurant owner and his companion-in-arms, chef Michele Forgione, who are both new to world of ready-to-eat products
  • One objective: to offer consumers the opportunity to savour authentic Italian tomato sauce made right here in Quebec, without spending hours in front of the stove
  • Four flavours—Arrabiata, Tomato Basil, Marinara, and Rosée
  • Made in Quebec with a short list of quality ingredients—Italian tomatoes, olive oil, and sea salt
  • No preservatives, sugar, or tomato paste
  • Can be eaten a number of ways—on their own, as an excellent base for pizza, in chilies, minestrone soups, or scalloped vegetables, and so much more!
  • Price: $5.99/660 mL jar
  • A brand image that evokes Little Italy, representing the streets that border the neighbourhood where Stefano lives and where his products were created
  • An IGA banner exclusive also available on our online grocery store: net/fr/sauces-Stefano

A few words

“My partnership with IGA over these past few years introduced me to so many quality products made right here in Quebec and available in their grocery stores. It inspired me to create something for consumers that was flavourful, simple, and healthy! For Michele Forgione and I, this line of sauces is a combination of both our roots. Together we embraced the challenge to create sauces that would make our mothers proud. Mission accomplished!”  

— Stefano Faita, Chef Restaurant Owner and TV Host

“Stefano Faita’s sauces, which are made right here in Montreal, are a wonderful example of our wish to enjoy great food from all parts of the globe, while still buying local. These sauces are the best of both worlds and fit in perfectly with our Joy of Eating Better Movement, which in part aims to encourage Quebecers to buy responsibly, eat healthier food, and cook more often!”

— Luc L'Archevêque, Vice President Quebec Grocery Merchandizing

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