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Sensations breads

Discover our delicious line of Sensations by Compliments breads, baked in store each and every day. Available in the bakery department, all our loaves can be sliced any way you wish!
Ciabata multigrain

Multigrain Ciabatta Baguette

Made from a blend of 12 grains, this flavour-packed Ciabatta Baguette has a moist, very open crumb and a thin crust.


Ciabatta Baguette

Originally from Lombardy in Italy, Ciabatta baguette has a very honeycombed crumb, making it perfect for dipping in soup or sauce.


The European Baguette

Baked in a stone bake oven, the European brings to mind the authentic French baguette. Each baguette is carefully scored by hand, for a nice, crispy crust !

Belge campagnard

Country Belgian Loaf

A savoury, traditional Belgian loaf with a soft, airy crumb that goes perfectly with its crispy crust.


Mini Ciabatta Baguette

With its small size and airy crumb, the mini ciabatta baguette is ideal for two or for making a gourmet sandwich.


French Loaf

Bringing to mind the traditional Parisian baguette, the French loaf is baked in a deck oven and then carefully scored by hand, which gives it this nice, crispy crust.