Belgian Moon, a beer to discover


With its zesty Valencia orange fruitiness and a light spicy wheat aroma, you'll appreciate the Belgian Moon with a creamy, white head and an orange slice garnish. The oats give the beer a nice creamy body, and its flavour starts crisp and tangy and ends with a coriander and orange spiciness.

For the perfect pairing with the Belgian Moon

  • Ensure you have a clean beer glass and garnish Belgian Moon with an orange.
  • Make sure you pour with at least 1.5" of foam and be sure to rouse the yeast sediment off the bottom of the bottle. Your BM should be 100% opaque as that haze is pure flavour. 
  • To best explore the pairing; cleanse your palate with the Belgian Moon, taste the dish, then repeat with another taste of Belgian Moon. See how the dynamics of the pairing change after each bite due to the complexity of taste, texture and flavour.