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Harmonies Wines by François Chartier

Selected and assembled by "Créateur d’harmonies" François Chartier, six new, top quality European wines are now available at IGA: Le Grand Touski, a French white wine, L'Épine de la rose, a French rosé wine, L'Épicé Noir, a Spanish red wine, La Pêche Mignonne, a French white wine, L'Olivier d'Anis, a French red wine, and Le Clou de Basile, a red wine from Italy.

Harmonies Wines

World-renowned for his aromatic science, François Chartier, author of the international best-seller Taste Buds and Molecules, has developed six wines inspired by the aromatic profiles of different families of foods. Just cook one or several of the foods listed on the wine bottle labels to ensure a harmonious wine and food pairing each and every time.

Le Grand Touski, French white wine

Le Grand Touski, French white wine

The most affordable of all the wines produced in Europe by “Créateur d’harmonies” François Chartier, this 2015 white wine from the South of France is an exceptionally good vintage. It was developed with the collaboration of celebrated wine expert from Bordeaux, Pascal Chatonnet, and the Fezas family, father-and-son artisan wine makers for five generations.

It provides made-to-measure harmony when served with sushi, salad containing fresh mint, and the cheese curds in poutine!

Serving temperature: 12 ºC

L’Épine de la Rose, dry rosé wine

L'épine de la rose harmonies wine Chartier

He created this lovely vintage in the South of France in collaboration with the Mézy family, father and-son artisanal wine makers at their Clos des Augustins winery. 

Perfect harmony is on the menu with recipes that fall into the aromatic realm of salmon, shrimp, cherry tomato, basil, raspberry, strawberry, or even Thai sauce!

Serving temperature: 10 ºC

L'Épicé Noir, Spanish red wine

Le Clou de Basile, Italian red wine

A highly aromatic Spanish red wine that’s bursting with red berry and spicy notes. Aromatic harmony: pairs just as well with grilled meat, fish, and vegetables as with dishes containing dark chocolate, ginger, tarragon, chipotle or barbecue sauce, coffee, sweet peppers, nutmeg, beets, strawberries, vanilla, smoked paprika, or toasted sesame seeds. 

Try the perfect pairing: Chocolate and grilled or roasted meat share the same aromatic profile as l'Épice Noir red wine. Serve it with the Mexican chocolate sauce recipe and discover perfect harmony.

Serving temperature: 16-17 ºC

La Pêche Mignonne, French white wine

La Pêche Mignonne, French white wine

A highly aromatic, dry Mediterranean white wine that is unctuous, long on the palate, and mineral, it pairs as well with lobster, crab, pork, trout, and salmon, as with recipes containing peaches, apricots, nuts, cheese, honey, coconut, pecans, maple syrup, pineapple, yellow apples, caramelized onions, brown rice, curry, and lots more.

Try the perfect pairing: portobello mushrooms, maple, and pineapples all share the same aromatic profile as La Pêche Mignonne white wine. Savour them together for a complete taste experience.

Serving temperature: 14-15 ºC

L'Olivier d'Anis, French red wine

L'Olivier d'Anis, French red wine

Fresh, elegant, lightly spicy, and full-bodied, this wine pairs as well with lamb dishes, grilled, roasted, or smoked meat, fall vegetables, and fennel, as with dishes seasoned with pepper, herbes de Provence, thyme, tarragon, black olives, star anise, licorice, mint, oregano, and lots more.

Black olives share the same aromatic profile as L’Olivier D’Anis red wine. Savour it with this recipe for black olive, thyme, and mushroom pasta and discover perfect harmony.

Serving temperature: 18ºC

Le Clou de Basile, Italian red wine

Le Clou de Basile, Italian red wine

Complex, rich, and mellow, this wine goes just as well with beef dishes, tuna, duck, game meat, baked mozzarella, tomato sauce, and brown or wild rice, as with dishes seasoned with steak spices, cloves, basil, cinnamon, coffee, plums, dark fruit, and lots more.

Wine and food pairing harmony is waiting for you! Dried tomatoes share the same aromatic profile as Le Clou De Basile red wine. A dried tomato pesto and basil pizza and bon appetit!

Serving temperature: 18-19 ºC