Everything you could Wish For

Wish For

When you're fed up with the daily grind, relax over a good glass of white or red, or let loose with friends by uncorking one of the Wish For wines, IGA's exclusive collection

Wish for

Magic. gold, and more!

When you're fed up with the daily grind, relax over a good glass of white or red, or let loose with friends by uncorking one of the Wish For wines, IGA's exclusive collection.

We let our taste buds lead the way to these wonderful little wines, produced with the best grape varietals from around the world. And we're offering them to you at a price that's nice.

Wish For: eleven irresistible wines, because we know that your heart can't always choose just one!.

Everything that you could Wish For.

Wish for a Kiss

Varietal : 100% Malbec
Origin : Argentina
13 % alcohol

Full-bodied and high-tannin Argentine Malbec delights connoisseurs with its vibrant hue, purple reflections, and intense red and black berry aromas. It’s as satisfying as a kiss!

Wish for a Style

Cépage : Sauvignon
Provenance : France
12 % d'alcool

Fewer varietals are more popular than Sauvignon, a favourite no matter what the origin: the vineyards of France, South Africa, or New World producers such as the United States and Australia. Wine buffs will tell you that this grape has its own unique aromatic signature of boxwood, black currant buds, grapefruit, and passion fruit. Sauvignon produces vibrant, fresh dry white wines that should be served young, so that the characteristic bouquet can be appreciated. As a before-dinner cocktail or with seafood, this wine can hold its own!

Wish for Glam

Varietal: A blend made with Spanish Tempranillo  
Origin: Spain
7% alcohol

Steal the show at your next party with our Wish For Glam sparkling rosé. From drinks before dinner to a supper with friends, it will invite you into its bubble with fresh berry aromas. Agreeably round on the palate it has a hint of acidity, or you could call it attitude. To best appreciate its bubbly effervescence, serve well chilled. It’s perfect for those who love being the centre of attention.

The Tempranillo is one of Spain’s star varietals used to make their celebrated Rioja wines. It's name comes from the Spanish word "temprano" meaning "early" because it ripens earlier than other Spanish red grapes. Deliciously fruity, Tempranillo grapes make supple wines with low acidity, especially when they're young. Though planted all around the world, the Tempranillo remains the glam varietal of the Iberian Peninsula.

Wish for Luck

Varietal : cabernet
Origin : Chile
12,5 % alcohol

Finding a good wine shouldn't be like trying to get your hands on the winning ticket! Wish For Luck, our Chilean Cabernet, leaves nothing to chance when it's time to win over your guests. A deep cherry hue, a full body and pure velvet on the taste buds: this wine is as charismatic as any self-respecting South American! Ideal for anyone who likes to savour the good things in life.

Originally from France, Cabernet has become Chile's star varietal since first emigrating there in the mid-20th century. As luck would have it, the warm, dry soil of Chilean vineyards suits this grape to a T, yielding concentrated red fruit aromas and velvety tannins. This character is a major plus for meals with friends who like their wine to match the food.

Wish for love

Varietal : shiraz
Origin : Australia
13 % alcohol 

Entertaining is a bit like telling your guests you love them. And to kick off the party, what better than an easy-to-love red wine such as the Australian Shiraz Wish For Love. But watch out! You'll fall head over heels for its passionate pairing of blueberry and chocolate aromas to wonderful spicy notes! Ideal for anyone who loves matches made in heaven.

Some varietals are called "noble," among them the French Syrah that landed in Australia around the 1950s. Since its arrival, Australians have been enthusiastically producing generous red wines from this grape, making their wineries famous. Wines matured in oak barrels are popular in this country, so the Syrahs are often spicy, with an intensity that suits lovingly prepared, hearty dishes.

Wish for Sun

Varietal : Pinot Grigio
Origin : Italy
12,5 % alcohol

Break out the suntan lotion! This Italian Pinot Grigio is sun in a bottle, with a fondness for citrus fruit and hot evenings. Refreshing and welcome as a summer breeze, Wish For Sun is perfect for sitting around a table with friends and talking about life! And for a last-minute picnic, pop this bottle into the food basket. Ideal for late risers who love to watch the setting sun.

A varietal that produces sunny, dry white wines, Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) is a mutation of Pinot Noir, a celebrated red wine grape. Wine-lovers appreciate its citrus aromas and mineral notes. Our version has been matured in a stainless steel barrel to preserve the typical freshness and vivacity of Pinot Grigio. Wish For Sun comes from the Friuli region of northeast Italy.

Wish for Joy

Varietal : chardonnay
Origin : Australie
13 % alcohol

Ah, there's nothing like a Chardonnay that spreads the joy of apples, pears and butter to your glass. Of course, Wish For Joy wouldn't be an Australian wine without the trademark touch of oak. You'll find this wine a joy to serve whenever you want to hear contagious laughter and the jovial clinking of glasses. Made for anyone who loves to have fun!

Arriving in Australia circa 1920, Chardonnay grandly introduced Australian vineyards to the rest of the world during the 1980s, when this varietal experienced a sudden surge in popularity. Depending on the terroir, Australian Chardonnay reveals joyous notes of tropical and citrus fruit, often cloaked in oak and vanilla. The most versatile of the country's wines, it continues to bring joy to wine-lovers.

Wish for Magic

Varietal : 65% Muscat and 35% Chenin-Muscat
Type : Sparkling wine
7 % alcohol

To create a bit of happiness, as if by magic, what could be better than sparkling wine? Our Wish For Magic sparkling wine will add a unique touch to all your celebrations. The magic formula? Lots of joyful bubbles, a lovely yellow colour, and aromas of apple, peach, and honey. For those who like parties with a hint of enchantment.

Muscat is possibly the oldest grape variety on earth; it adapted as if by magic to many regions in France, Australia, California, South Africa, and Italy¬, where it is known as Moscato. It has a light, supple nature, like that of the Chenin blanc grape, and is appreciated for its light, effervescent wines with floral, fruity aromas.

Wish for Gold

Varietal : Chardonnay
Origin : California
12.5 % alcohol

The golden rule for savouring the present moment – a nice California Chardonnay like our new, light and refreshing Wish For Gold wine that is bursting with sunshine, aromas of apple and golden pear, and just a hint of oak, the signature of American wines. For those who like to shine their brightest.

One of the main grape varieties in Burgandy, Chardonnay grapes have found a new terroir under the California sun. Introduced to the United States in 1940, Chardonnay has become so popular that the number of vines planted there now exceeds the number in France, where it first originated. Less buttery and more exotic than their French cousins, California Chardonnays have made vinification in oak barrels the golden rule – and you can taste it!

Wish for More

Varietal : Tempranillo
Origin : Spain
12.5 % alcohol

Can you imagine anything more generous, more intense, or more passionate than a Spanish red wine? Tannic and supple with notes of red fruit, our Wish for More Tempranillo provides that extra touch that will make you the gourmet host par excellence. For those who want nothing less than the best.

One of the main grape varieties in Spain, the Tempranillo is the most widely planted there. With its lovely dark-blue grapes that produce ruby-red, tannic, oaky wines, Tempranillos have a lovely aromatic elegance. The Spanish name refers to the fact that they ripen earlier than other grapes. They also add a certain robustness to grape-variety blends.

Wish for Fame

Blend : Tempranillo
Origin : Spain
12% alcohol

Celebrate the moment by serving some Wish For Fame rosé. Always ready to play a leading role at your next festive soirée, it will charm you with its red berry nose and round mouthfeel. Celebrity beckons, and like all good rosés, this light, refreshing wine is best served well chilled. A wine for those who would love to play a starring role.

Moscatel and grenache are two celebrated grape varieties typical of Spain. Moscatel (muscat in France) has established itself as one of the most sought after aperitifs because of its fruity aromas and supple texture. Grenache grapes produce aromatic, silky rosé wines with red berries in the starring role. A five-star choice that will impress your friends.