With many varieties to choose from, your IGA seafood department has oysters for every occasion!
Oyster party essentials

Oyster Party Essentials  

At IGA, we have all your oyster party essentials, even crates of 100 oysters. Ask you IGA seafood specialist about the latest arrivals and get some tips on how to organize your oyster bash for guaranteed success!

For an oyster party to remember, start by asking yourself the right questions:

Do you want to serve them as a starter or main course?

This will determine how many oysters to buy.

Do you want to eat them raw or cooked?

Try offering a number of options, but consider cooking time when organizing your evening.

What's the latest catch?

Your IGA seafood specialist can fill you in on where the oysters come from, their texture, and the nuances in the flavours of each. Try mixing it up according to the season!

Ordering Oysters?

Knowing your guests’ appetites can really come in handy!

When in doubt, follow these guidelines:

  • 6 to 8 oysters per person as an appetizer
  • About 12 oysters per person as a main course with side dishes
  • 18 to 30 oysters per person if you’re not serving side dishes

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Keeping them fresh

  • Ideally, you should eat the oysters within 24 hours of buying them.
  • If you can't, keep them in their original packaging at the bottom of the fridge and cover in a damp tea towel so they don't dry up.
  • Above all, don't store in an airtight container, soak in water, or expose the oysters to temperature shock. 
  • If properly stored, oysters have a lifespan of up to six weeks following the date of their harvest, which is indicated on the packaging.

A few food safety tips

  • Use the right technique and tools to open your oysters:
    • Use a pointy oyster knife whenever possible.
    • Place a tea towel in the palm of your hand and place the oyster inside.
    • Slide the tip of the knife into the tip of the oyster and pry open with the blade. 
    • Sever the muscle holding the oyster by sliding the knife tip along the shell. Be careful not to pierce the oyster so it stays nice and juicy. 
  • If the oyster shell is open and doesn't close when you tap on it, it means the oyster is dead and should not be eaten. 
  • Once open, the oyster should be plump, firm, and floating in its liquid. If it smells foul, discard immediately.
  • Open oysters about 15 minutes before eating them, but never more than two hours so they keep all their taste, and above all, stay fresh.

For a memorable oyster party

  • Plan two to three varieties of oysters of different sizes, origins and tastes.
  • Eat varieties in order from least to most salty.
  • Raw oysters go very well with the classic lemon and Tabasco® sauce, but you can also try them with chili sauce, salsa, vinegar, or even wine, beer or champagne mignonettes. The possibilities are endless! 
  • If you want to serve them warm, watch cooking time as they become rubbery when overcooked. 
  • Serve on a bed of ice or coarse salt.

Wine and beer pairings

  • Choose dry white wines like Chablis, Chardonnay, Muscadet or Pinot Gris.
  • If serving with beer, go with blond or red ales.

How to open them

Ricardo's tips: Opening Oysters | Oysters party, Chef technique

5 tips for preparing your own seafood platter:

  • You’ll need a large platter, nutcrackers, shellfish forks, and finger bowls. 
  • Sprinkle coarse salt onto the platter. 
  • Arrange seafood nicely over top. 
  • Cook shellfish 3 hours before the meal, but open the shells just immediately before serving. 
  • Garnish with lemon wedges, a small bowl of melted butter, and Tabasco® sauce.

Reinvent the oyster!

Our varieties



Delicate flesh. Mild, slightly salty taste.



Abundant flesh. Mild, salty taste.



Abundant flesh. Mild, salty taste.



Abundant flesh. Mild, salty taste.



Abundant flesh. Mild, slightly fruity taste.



Abundant flesh. Mild, sweet and savoury taste.



Abundant flesh. Pronounced, slightly sweet taste.



Abundant flesh. Pronounced, salty taste.