Cook local fish and seafood

Quebec fishing and seafood

The countdown has officially ended. Fishing season is finally here. It's time to discover, prepare and enjoy this year’s six featured items!

Succulent scallops

In season: Late March
Origin: Magdalen Islands

Chef’s secret

The scallop's sweet, mild, ivory-coloured flesh is particularly good served raw in a ceviche – sliced into thin slivers and marinated in acidic liquid. Refrigerate thin slices for an hour in a marinade of lemon and lime juice with a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Pour off the liquid, season with salt and pepper and serve with your choice of citrus fruit segments and fresh coriander.

Irresistible snow crab

In season: March to June
Origin: North Shore and Gaspé Peninsula

Chef’s secret

There's no such thing as snow crab leftovers. The unique, tender meat separates easily. Mix it with a bit of spicy wasabi mayonnaise, fresh chives, and sesame seeds. It's delicious by itself, in a salad or rolled inside a rice wrapper as an irresistible spring roll.

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Must-try blue mussels

In season: April to November
Origin: Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands

Nutritionist’s secret

High in protein and low in fat, mussels are an excellent option for a light but filling meal!

Tender northern shrimp

In season: April to October
Origin: Gaspé Peninsula and Sept-Îles

Fisherman’s favourite

Northern shrimp fishing has been certified sustainable since 2008. It fully deserves its blue logo!

The majestic lobster

In season: May to June, and June to July (Anticosti Island)
Origin: Magdalen Islands, Gaspé Peninsula, and Anticosti Island

Chef’s secret

Attention! Don't forget that cooking time varies depending on the sex and weight of the lobster. For a full cooking chart, ask at your fish and seafood department.

The mysterious turbot

In season: May to October
Origin: North Shore and Gaspé Peninsula

Chef’s secret

With its firm white flesh, turbot is an excellent substitute for sole, haddock, cod, and flounder


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