BBQ Québec: The Best in Home Grilling

BBQ Québec: The Best in Home Grilling

The two Lavoie brothers behind BBQ Québec, Max and J-P, are proud to offer for the first time ever three BBQ-ready products, sold exclusively at IGA. Discover the products these two dedicated grill masters have concocted for the ultimate home grilling experience.


With their one-of-a-kind cut, St. Louis Style Quebec Pork Side Ribs are twice as meaty as regular ribs and so incredibly tender, they’re guaranteed to be a hit with authentic barbecue lovers and consumers. Prepared with those famous Kansas spices, these ribs will have your mouth watering for more!

St-Louis Style Kansas Sweet, Fully Cooked Pork Side Ribs


The Lavoie brothers are revolutionizing the world of chicken wings by offering you a whole, top quality wing, seasoned to perfection with BBQ Québec spices. There’s no equal for game night! Two flavours available: Kansas — for the perfect mix of sweet and savoury; and Tex Max — for that little extra punch!

Kansas Chicken Wings
Whole Chicken Wings