Sausages and Beer

Sausages and beer make a great team! Find the perfect mouth-watering combinations by following the pairings suggested by beer expert Philippe Wouters.
Treat yourself to a typical German eating experience: sausage and beer night! Pairing sausages with different types of beer will bring out unexpected flavours.

And it's the perfect occasion to discover Bavarian classics like sauerkraut and pretzels served with an assortment of mustards. All that’s left to do is invite your family and friends to join you at your festive table!

Beer and sausage pairings from Philippe Wouters:

Sausages Flavour profile Descriptions
Smoked with Swiss cheese Smoked with Swiss cheese
Prepare to be won over by the delicate smoky flavour and melting cheese.
Ambree douce The perfect pairing with lightly caramelized beers.
Beets and garlic  Beets and garlic
A surprising combo that’s both colourful and savoury!
Blonde amère  A touch of bitterness to go with the taste of beets.
Blueberries and maple Blueberries and maple
Quebec’s favourite local flavours in a single sausage.
Ronde The sugar in the beer adds a bit of body.
Curry Curry
The enchanting flavours of India will take your taste buds on a journey.
Ambree Curry spices and the beer's bitterness work well together.
Habanero Habanero
Perfect for fans of a little heat, thanks to the king of hot peppers!
Ambree tranchante A good dose of bitterness to stand up to the spicy Habanero pepper.
Mild Italian
The much-loved classic, seasoned with authentic Italian herbs.
Rousse douce A discreet pairing that mild beer lovers will love.
Hot Italian
A hot sausage featuring the flavours of Italy. Incomparable!
Rousse douce A refreshing pairing with a caramel note finish.
Olives and feta
The ultimate Mediterranean flavours in every bite.
Blanche A bit of acidity to go with the cheese.
Peaches and chili
A little sweet, a little heat... this sausage is an invitation to try something original!
Noire douce A surprising pairing ‒ success guaranteed.
Prepare to be won over by the delicate smoky flavour and melting cheese.
Rousse amère Slight bitterness and caramel notes to go with this classic sausage.
Bacon and cheddar
A gourmet flavour duo that’s a winning choice for all ages.
Rousse amère The malt’s caramel flavour plays well with bacon and cheese.
Le Sieur de Le Gardeur cheese
A hearty sausage featuring local craft flavours.
A powerful, flavourful pairing.