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Sushi counters

Drop by the Mito sushi counter at your local IGA and discover our delicious sushi, prepared fresh daily before your eyes by highly trained sushi chefs.

Have a crazy craving for sushi?

Special requests are no problem: all our sushi can be customized based on your preferences or allergies to certain foods. Plan ahead: you can order sushi for supper and then stop by the store after work to pick it up. Or for receptions and special occasions, take advantage of our platters with up to 100 pieces.

Use the “Find a store offering this service” link to find out when the sushi chef is in store. We recommend calling your IGA retailer to verify how long an order will take to prepare.

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Poke bowls

Poke bowls

First it was sushi, then tartares, and now, behold the rise of the poke bowl—a fresh and complete meal in a bowl! Fall for our two varieties: shrimp or tuna.



New sushi on the menu. It's a sushi. It's a donut. It's a sushi donut! The new Doonatsu is the latest food trend ans so delicious we'd take a dozen, please! 

Quick sushi sandwich

Quick sushi sandwich

Bursting with flavour, the delectable sushi sandwich is a big lunchtime hit! Savour this new MITO Sushi creation, made with crispy rice, seafood, and delicious chunks of avocado.



MAKI2GO, delicious, new sushi to eat anytime, anywhere! Their convenient size provides a healthy, savoury option no matter how rushed you are. Try our two mouth-watering varieties: a spicy salmon and spicy shrimp duo, along with a vegetarian duo.

Improved rice recipe!

Hey sushi lovers. MITO Sushi’s new rice recipe has even more exquisite flavour than before. Pick up a container of sushi or some Maki2GO at your local IGA sushi counter and experience it for yourself! Bon appétit.



Enjoy all the benefits of quinoa with these no-rice maki! A source of gluten-free fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein, they are delicious with spicy shrimp or veggie-style with olive pesto and jalapeno.


Not sure which sushi to choose?



Small rolls of rice with one filling (a vegetable, fish, piece of omelette, etc.) and a sheet of nori (seaweed) on the outside.

Maki Shooters

Maki shooters

These exotic fruit rolls are wrapped in a sheet of soybean paper and garnished with a mixture of spicy shrimps. Perfect for cocktail hour!



A hand-rolled ball of rice topped with a neta, a piece of raw fish or another finely sliced garnish.

Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza

Sushi pizza is a Canadian invention! It’s made with a rice patty and several toppings that are typical of traditional sushi, including spicy mayonnaise that serves as the sauce.



The purest form of sushi! Pieces of raw fish that’s gently seasoned with soy sauce before eating.

Specialty Sushi

Specialty sushi

This sushi takes a bit more time and dexterity to prepare. With the exception of Dragon Eye, this sushi is available by special order only.



Large rolls, shaped like hosomaki, but containing several ingredients.

Spring maki

Spring maki

These big rolls with several fillings have a thin sheet of rice paper on the outside instead of a sheet of nori.

Spring roll

Spring roll

A typically Vietnamese specialty, but eaten all over Asia, a spring roll is made with a rice sheet, vermicelli, and other fillings including vegetables, shrimps, and fresh herbs.

Our sushis are made with responsibly harvested fish

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