Jazz up your burgers

It’s easier than ever to create original burgers that will satisfy your guests' appetites, so get grilling!
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Reinvent your hot dogs

Made with tender, juicy sausages in lots of different flavours, they’re sure to spice up your barbecues!
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Angus beef

Grilling meat

Barbecues and summer go hand in hand. Discover a wide array of tips for grilling meat perfectly.
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Grillez vos poissons et fruits de mer

Grilling fish and seafood

Discover a sea of flavours and textures that will add variety to your barbecues.
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Rendez-vous cocktails

Cocktail hour

Discover our drink ideas along with a wealth of gourmet tips and essential advice.
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plateau de terrine

Serve tapas to your guests

What better way to feast with your friends than at cocktail hour ? Entertain in all simplicity thanks to our inspiring tapas ideas !
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hummus and dips

Picnic season

Whether simple or elaborate, picnics are a wonderful way to spend time with family or friends enjoying the lovely weather and seasonal goodies.
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grilled vegetables

Camping cookouts

You're short on ideas and stressed about planning your next camping trip? Stressful vacations is so 2015! IGA is here for you with lots of tips and ideas to simplify things. Enjoy your camping holiday!
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Chocolat favoris

Time for dessert

Enjoy a lazy afternoon or top off your meals perfectly with one of our delicious summer dessert recipes!
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