Time for dessert

Time for dessert

Enjoy a lazy afternoon or top off your meals perfectly with one of our delicious summer dessert recipes!

Summer desserts for every palate

Frozen or otherwise, desserts are a summer staple. Get your fill of sunshine and colour with original summer desserts that will make you smile. Perfect at picnics or poolside, they'll be a hit with young and old alike!
ice cream and chocolat dip

Frozen chocolates with sorbet and ice cream centres

A delightfully refreshing dessert for cocktail parties.

Fruit flan

Fruit flan

The mountain of fresh fruit is perfect for hot summer nights.

Tricks of the trade:

Go ahead and vary the coatings of your ice cream pops with different varieties of crushed nuts or try them with a different type of fruit!

No time for cooking?

Visit the store and head to the frozen dessert section!