IGA online is 20

Twenty years ago today, IGA launched a small revolution by creating a never-before-seen concept in Canada: an online grocery service.


  • Online grocery shopping was created here in Quebec in 1996. At the time, ten stores were participating in the project, and about 50 orders were filled during the first week.
  • Twenty years later, over one million orders are filled each year and no fewer than 266 IGA stores offer the online grocery service, making it available throughout the province. 
  • The people behind the screen - Behind the concept of online grocery shopping you’ll find the independent grocers and their employees who make it all happen. From the employee at your local IGA store who carefully selects the items you’ve ordered online, to the delivery person who makes sure they arrive at your door, these are the folks who turn the virtual experience into reality.
  • Local products - IGA showcases local producers and has found personalized, effective ways to promote them online. Quebec products are clearly identified and an "Aliments du Québec" search filter allows internet users to see these certified products. 
  • The online grocery service has evolved dramatically in recent years; it is now available throughout the province and the website can be accessed on a computer, cell phone, or tablet. An online shopping app is also available.