IGA tips and tricks : How to make authentic cheese fondue

Preparing Cheese Fondue

  • Choose two or three semi-soft or firm cheeses. Gruyère and Emmental are the classic fondue cheeses, but there is a wide variety to choose from. 
  • Rub the fondue pot with a clove of garlic. Save the rest of the clove for later use. 
  • To prepare fondue for four people, you need: 
    • 600 g of grated cheese
    • 20 mL (4 tsp.) of cornstarch 
    • 1 pinch of nutmeg
    • 250 mL (1 cup) of white wine
  • Combine the cheeses, cornstarch, and nutmeg in the fondue pot. Add the wine and heat to medium, stirring the mixture in a figure-eight pattern with a wooden spoon to prevent the cheese from sticking to the bottom of the fondue pot. 
  • Serve with: 
    • A variety of breads (nut bread, baguette bread, loaf bread)
    • Fruit (pears, apples, grapes) 
    • Cold cuts (dried sausages, ham, prosciutto)
    • Coarsely chopped nuts (dip pieces of bread in the cheese, then in the nuts to add crunch)