IGA tips and tricks - Shelling a cooked lobster

  • Start by placing the lobster belly-down on a work surface. Hold the body in place with one hand and gently turn the tail with the other hand to detach it.
  • Remove the tail fan with your fingers. Hold the tail upside down in your hand and use scissors to cut through the shell. Remove the meat that should come out in one piece. 
  • Twist the two claws and their leg segments to detach them. Using a knife, gently break the claw shells. Pull off the thumb of each claw and remove the meat inside all the claw pieces using a lobster fork if needed. 
  • There is a bit of meat in the walking legs. Remove it using a thin lobster fork or pick. 
  • After the feast, use the shells to make delicious lobster bisque or lobster bisque risotto